You are allowed to request copies of physical (non-digital) keys by a locksmith where:

  1. You own the key;
  2. Have been granted permission by the owner(s) to copy the key;
  3. The key does not have ‘do not copy’ stamped on it;

Similarly, with digital RFID keys fobs or cards, we will be able to help you copy them under the same conditions outlined above. If you do not own the key, you should seek guidance and permission from the owner(s).

Our business focuses on establishing a relationship of trust and reliability with you – our valued customers.

How we are different from our competitors:

  1. All payment transactions through PayPal. This protects you as the customer and us as the service provider.
  2. All shipping is conducted through Australian registered post. This ensures that both the customer and Copycat Keys can track the status of all parcel deliveries.

We are able to copy 90% of the RFID key fobs currently used. If you wish for us to check before your purchase, please send us a photo of your key fob.

The type of key fob that we are unable to copy are HID iClass key fobs.Unable to copy iClass Key Fobs


Similarly we are unable to copy HID iClass key cards – they can be identified by the text on the card itself.

The types of RFID keys that we will not copy are:

  • Credit Cards or Bank Issued Cards
  • Defence or Military Identification Cards
  • Public Transport Cards

Once an order has been placed, post your key(s) using registered/express post along with a print-out of your Order confirmation to:

PO Box 558

Doncaster 3108, Victoria

By default, we will retain a secured record of your requested copied key. This is for your convenience, where if you wish to purchase further copies of the same key you do not need to send us the original again.

However, if you prefer for us not to retain this information, select the option ‘Do not store my key information’ to your cart at time of purchase.

As our copied keys are identical duplicates of original, they will no longer work if the original one has been deactivated on the access system.